Thursday, January 4, 2007


Beginnings are often hardest. Think about it, the beginning of the human life is usually accompanied by loud screams of pain and panic: mother screaming, doctor screaming at mother to push hard, husband screaming "encouragement" (when he's there) and baby screaming at the top of its lungs when it eventually arrives. (okay, that's a nightmarish birth). My mother told me I almost started life in a toilet bowl (don't laugh). She was sure the baby was on its way but the good nurse at the Nigerian hospital where I was born felt that my mother had not been in labour long enough. The nurse decided that all my mother was feeling was a rather intense urge to use the toilet due to the pressure on her uterus (bla bla bla). So she proceeded to inform my mother, rather haughtily, that it was time to pay a visit to the toilet. As my mom sat on that toilet bowl, she felt my head pop out... the rest is history. Hence, my head is full of s***.

At a point in most people's lives, they are forced to begin anew. That is difficult as well. To qualify for a "new" beginning, you ought to have had the special priviledge of having messed up your "old" life. So a new beginning, usually means ignoring the fierce yearnings of your heart, even consciously going contrary to the yearnings of your heart. A new beginning often times, entails doing things as is against your very nature. Tough. Anyone want a new beginning? Be my guest.

It is a new year. So it seemed natural (of course to me) that I become a blogger now, in addition to all the other things I happen to be (silly, unserious, lazy, drunk, single :), crazy, immune to good advice etc etc etc). I have no intentions of not being any of these things anymore. I have had so many beginnings in my life but each time I begin something, I try not to discard the old, I only pile them on. So at this point in my life, I have come to be somewhat confused as to what I really am. However, I know exactly what I want to be, rich, happy and to live forever. (by the way, how far with that stem cell research thing?).

Welcome to my brand new blog site. I will try to post entries as often as possible. I will also read your comments and reply them as often as possible.

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