Friday, October 24, 2008


Dear All,

I am so sorry for the extended silence.

I have just been moved to a key role in my place of work. This has meant non-stop work trying to get a grip on things. It's been absolutely crazy. I currently have 33 items on my to-do list. Don't ask me how I intend to pull this off for I have no idea.

According to my boss who's a darling (wry smile) he says, "The reward for hard work is more work". Now you get the picture. This IS actually a reward, it just doesn't feel like it. :D Maybe one day it will... ($$$$$$)

Will put up a proper update and do blog rounds as soon as I am able to breathe a bit.

Love y'all. Please don't forget me oh!


Thanks Solomonsydelle for caring about me. I'm fine, just overworked.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Dark clouds
Come together
Forming screaming faces
As tormented skies…
Bleed in harmony
To a dirge
Heard in the distance

Gnarled hands
Ending in talons
Squeezing wheezing tissue
As crushed hearts…
Bleed in harmony
To a dirge
Heard in the distance

Dull exodos*
Concludes this being
Ending living agony
As sliced veins
Bleed in harmony
To a dirge
Heard in the distance

*exodos: in Greek drama, the final scene; in tragedy , it is the action following the final stasimon (choral ode); in comedy it is the final. (

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cyber Group Hug

I am in an upbeat mood today and for no apparent reason. I feel like sharing the smiles. Remember those nonsensical poems people make up with words from a common register? I made up one with Blog titles. Couldn't fit everyone in - forgive me, I guess I'll do another one ... You could try your hands at one too if you so wish...

link to picture:


This is why I write

I am lost at the other end of the world

With no one to talk to but the Singing Blogger

I wish to tell the story of an African girl

A Nigerian Curiosity and of course

My mother's child

Everyday I find

Reasons to celebrate Africa

Yet I know life is what it is

No illusions, forget the mystique

one day we will all become

Ashes and Dust

I have begun the journey

To showing Africa with style

I am the Activist, Generation-Next

I am a Badderchic

I am Miss Balance, your Lady Guide

Yes, I am only letting out

Do you mind my shotmusinz?

Think of them as ero-lyrics

but what they really are

Are the last minute confessions

of a Nigerian drama queen

This is about You, me and a whole lotta s*@!

I speak about Life, love, lust and the in betweens

But whatever I do

It will always be one more step

To getting to know you fully

Friday, October 3, 2008

Part two - Battle of the voices

Voice 1: Truth is, I am not sure I want to spend the rest of my life alone, truth is, I really do not believe I will ever find the crazy, tingling from head to toe kind of love I had for whatshisname eight years ago, truth is this is as good as it gets or isn't it?

Voice 2: I think you do not desire what he has to offer - at present. Your focus seems to be different. He seems to be coming on too strong and you are like, wtf?! Your perspective may change in time. Your relationship seems to have been based on half-truths at least on your part. You were escaping loneliness / lack of companionship. I may be wrong but fortunately for you, he IS a great guy, so doesn't look like you made a mistake. You've tried damage control, to warn him of your insanity, of your unconventional ideas and he still hangs on for dear life because he truly loves you. It seems you love him kind of the way a mom loves another woman's kid, you wouldn't like to see that kid get hurt.

Voice 1: That sounds so true, never thought of it like that myself.

Voice 2: You do not feel the 100%, I've found a soulmate kind of love. The someone who finishes off my sentences sort of love.

Voice 1: Isn't that how it should be before you go making commitments like getting engaged????!!!

Voice 2: The point is you are under no obligation to make a commitment. I know you feel pressured because you are engaged...

Voice 1: Everyone and I mean everyone and their brothers can't wait for the wedding!!!!!!!!!

Voice 2: Don't run off and get married just yet, wait and by the way don't run off in the opposite direction just yet either. Open up to him, let him fully appreciate there is no external ceremony that will cure what ails you. You love him but maybe you are not in love with him just yet.

Voice 1: No, it's not that simple, I WANT to be with him but I don't think I want to give everything of me to him. Let him in my space, in my life, in my head and completely in my heart, I've guarded my individuality, my heart and my independence too jealously all these years to willingly give any bit of it up at the sound of 'you may now kiss the bride'.

Voice 2: He may win you over in the future, he may not have done it now but it is looking likely. He is a GREAT guy, let's not lose sight of that.

Voice 1: Sometimes, when I feel like calling it off, I look into his eyes and realise the damage I'd be doing if I did that, I am not sure I can break his heart like that. I don't have it in me. I just can't. More pressure...

Voice 2: You may have a different view in future.

Voice 1: I feel untrue... I feel like I am living someone else's life, don't feel right. what if I don't feel differently in future? Should I like subject myself to a life of half-portions just because I wonder if anyone will ever be to me what I need. I also do not want to spend the rest of my life alone. Now I know what it really really feels like to be loved unconditionally, selfish, nearly-narcissistic me! :(

Voice 2: But he can be what you need, if you let him. He is ready. He is willing. He may not be there yet but that's part of what marriage is about, growing together in a secure relationship. I truly do not want you to regret any choices you make later on in life.

Voice 1: I don't know but I guess the eventual decision will have to be mine and will have to be something I can whole-heartedly accept. Don't worry, I won't regret whatever choices I make.

Voice 2: You are right the decision is yours.

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