Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sugar and Spice and all things sweet...

Some people say I write dark poems better, so I am trying my hands at sugary sweet... what do you think?

Why I cry

I love the love you make me see
A love I love with all of me
Like clouds of blue beneath a bird
I soar above my years of dread

These tears you see are not of pain
But are of joy, look what I’ve gained

Each time our fingers come entwined
I feel I hold your heart in mine
I read the words inside your eyes
And know we’ll never say goodbye

These tears you see are not of pain
But my love, you are such sweet gain

I came to you with so much fear
You hushed them with kisses so dear
Calm like I never felt before
Making me love you more and more

These tears, my love, are not of pain
I sure would know, look what I’ve gained

Friday, November 7, 2008

What's love got to do with it?

(Unimaginative title, i know)

Hello everyone. Thank you so very much for your well wishes and love and for your comfort in a dark moment.

Does anyone remember that, come to think of it, not so silly nursery rhyme, where this poor dude offers this material girl his heart and his love just so she would marry him but she wouldn't give in until he mentions the key to his house? I think the last stanza goes like this:

Dude (obviously in agony):

If I give to you
The key to my house
The key to my house and all I have
Oh, won't you marry
marry, marry, marry
Won't you marry me

Girl (with a broad smile):
If you give to me
The key to your house
The key to your house and all you have
Oh, I will marry
marry, marry, marry
I will marry you!

(okay I got carried away there for a second humming the melody)

What does love truly mean? or maybe I should ask, what does true love mean?

Is it an action? Is it something you do? Is it that house you bought by the beach for her? Is it the rock on her finger? Is it the romantic bunch of flowers you sent to her office and it wasn't even val's day? Is it the humongous cake you left at her door on the morning of her birthday (woe betide you if she hates getting older just like I do. Sorry, I didn't tell you guys but my birthday was on the 17th of October, I conveniently let it slide because I hate to count the passage of time) What is the definition of love?

To me love is: giving all of you, everything, with no reservations, laying down your all. That’s what love means to me. Love is unselfish care for another, willing to get hurt as long as it is in the other’s interest. In the midst of your pain being happy that the other person is happy.

Sounds twisted, convoluted and confusing not so? Okay lemme break it down. When you are truly in love, you DO because you love, you don’t LOVE because you do. That house or car you bought doesn’t necessarily equal love, spending all your spare time with her doesn’t mean you love her, giving up your career to marry him doesn’t mean you love him. Love is what makes you do those things. The things you’ve sacrificed for this other person are an expression of your love and not the love itself.

The doing and giving are confused for love in our minds because love demands expression. When you are in love you do things to make this other person smile, make this person laugh, make this person glow with joy. You want to please this person, you dedicate your whole life to making this person happy. That’s love. How idyllic. When there’s no love on your part and you give and give one day you’ll be tired of giving and either stop giving or look for a way out as it will soon become a chore.

There is a need to express love and that is why it hurts when you are apart from the one you love. When he’s not there, it hurts because you can't express it. You can't kiss him, you can't hold him, you can't look in his eyes, you can't love him, you can't be with him, you can't make love to him, you can't hold his hand, you can't buy him that slim tie, you can't laugh at him, you can't run your fingers through his maybe thinning hair, you can't feel the warmth of his body against yours, you can't make him smile or hear him laugh, you can't you just can't! If you’ve ever felt that way that’s true love!

True love wants to jump up and proclaim itself. It drives you, it does. That’s what love is.

Remember, as you fall heedlessly in love, to do all you can to protect your heart.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

'B' on my mind

click on pic
Mocking laughter
Shadows of malevolence
Creeping around

Mocking laughter
As the sands run out
Gone all gone
Pain abounds

Shadows of malevolence
Brush past me
Time stops
No second rounds

Creeping around
Gotta fight death
But first, gotta grieve
Someone I love just went in the ground

it happened in May '08, but it still hurts like mad!

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