Saturday, April 18, 2009


look in my eyes
what do you see?
corneas and irises
or the intricate tales
of a journeyed soul?
hold my hand
what do you feel?
the calluses and corns
are stories untold
but can you feel the heartbeats
of everyone I’d held and lost?
watch me walk away
do you see swinging hips
or the cautious steps
of feet that know the rocky lane?
come, here, look again
tell me what do you think
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Some of you may have noticed my protracted silence. Some of you may not have noticed. If you hadn't noticed - :P on you! But that's not the point to this post.

I couldn't type so I couldn't post an update. Honestly. I've had this mysterious pain in my right shoulder for ages now. It creeps up on me and stays for a few days and then dissappears. I thought it was because I'd dislocated my shoulder sometime in the past. Newayz, I finally got a diagnosis - ARTHRITIS!

How the heck do you have arthritis at 28?! Yeah, I know all about juvenile arthritis. This is clearly not juvenile so what is it? If you are in doubt kindly check out my ass and tits.

Okay like this is not bad enough, it decides to attack my right shoulder! What's wrong with my left shoulder? Isn't it as ripe and ready as the right. I guess not. Perhaps if I were left handed then it would have gone there. So I've no clue what this means for my future or whatever. All I know is I am in pain and it seems I will be for the rest of my life!

So frustrated. Okay I'll google the condition now and stop freaking out.

Sorry guyz. I just hate this.

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