Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hello everyone,

I will take a break from poetry and from my PMS series to quickly post this. This is a project that tugs at my heart. It is in memory of my friend Tena. I cannot begin to describe to you what she meant to me and all that ever had the priviledge of knowing her. I think the fact that her life inspired this project is the best description for who she was and what her values were. I am so proud of her and quite humbled by what she has achieved in life and even in death. Tena will always be alive in my heart and now in yours.

Please visit Uzezi's page for more information on this. I just quickly copied this from FB. I should have done this last week but have been quite ill. Two weeks to go guys! Hurry!

Project Desiree is a program we are putting together in memory of one of the founding members of the organisation (Tena Desiree Tebeakami). She died in April in South Africa and we have designed this as a fund for the purpose of sponsoring the education of selected kids in orphanages, home etc. Tena was always at the centre of activities in YPI. Her dedication and passion was a great inspiration for the rest of us. For the first one coming up, we intend to raise N1m and it will be an annual programme going forward.The amount raised would be used to start up the “Desiree scholars program” which will provide scholarships for selected orphans/ pupils in selected public schools up to the secondary school level.Please join us at a lecture and fund raising titled “Be the Change”, in respect of this project (see further details below). This will also be an opportunity to learn more about YPI. We invite you to be a part of this cause, remember without involvement there is no commitment.Date: Sunday 21 September, 2008Speaker: Adeolu Akinyemi ( Theme: ''Be The Change''You can also be a part of Project Desiree by making donations to: Account name: YPI Global ResourcesAccount number- 6210900467 (Zenith Bank Plc)Pls contact the following for more information:Wole Toriola (, 08079638400); Uzezi Ejere (, 08023929375); Idris Toriola (, 08023163113); Ayo Olowookere (, 08023271004), Ola Belogore (, 08060220899)

15 more steps:

Rita said... this is what it's all about...I'm so, this is a very noble project...could they put some of ur comments about it on the website so people who visit also have an idea?

poeticallytinted said...

Okay that will be nice. Will ask Uzezi about that. Will call her now actually. Hope you'll be part of it. She was a wonderful person and this is a wonderful project

princesa said...

Nice effort peeps.
May Tena's soul RIP.
Hope u are better now babe.

Red Sapphire said...

Very interesting project poetically tinted.Its for peeps like you that i did that post.Articles well delivered with peeps interest @ heart. One love missy.

Ade Adeyemi said...

well done... seems like a worthy cause... may her rest in perfect peace!

Emilia said...

Nice work! Nice work... very nice to continue the project in her footsteps... Even though the world looks dark and gloomy, its people with hearts like yours who give it some light

Standtall said...

This is so great. May her soul rest in peace. Hope it's not too late to donate b4 the yr runs out

poeticallytinted said...

No oh, it's never too late. Thanks sweeri (shebi that's what LG calls you)

poeticallytinted said...

@Princessa I'm fit as a fiddle now love. thanks.
@red sapphire: like i said you are too sweet
@Ade Adeyemi: I wish i were as fashionable and sophisticated as you. sigh...
@emilia: thanks for dropping by. Tena was a gem, wish you knew her.

LG said...

yesso i don come'
SWERRI, i hear say u dey find me kilode *bats lashes*

BTW: ll check d site now

LG said...


poeticallytinted said...

LG's come to visit!!! (doing a jig). thanks Swerri... lol. abeg if you fit come the event e no go bad o. (howze my pidgin)

LG said...

i go try sha' but no be promise o, :)
as per u peegin, norrrrrrin do u :):)

Afronuts said...

Is that Tena's picture up there?
She's very pretty.
So sad she had to go so soon.
Will check the page

Mz. Dee said...

Oh now i get what all this is about. Very touching idea.

Thx 4 stoppin by my blog.

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