Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sink or Swim

Blinking blinding shades of colour
Of shiny shores long discovered
Water filled with secret tales
Flowing fast in waves of terror

Disguised behind shady visors
And camouflaged identities
Watching the flood undetected
Are people who never venture!

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badderchic said...

first time here, nice blog.

poeticallytinted said...

thanks a billion.

Standtall said...

I will rather swim. Sinking is not an option!!! Good one Adorable!

TWayne said...

Ok... this is where I try to pretend I know what's going on in your mind. I feel like one of those people who try to decipher what an artist who drew a straight line on a blank canvass was thinking and read so many meanings into it when all he did was simply draw a straight line on a blank canvass.

So.. pray tell... I think I know what this poem is about. Is it really as simple as it appears or is there some deeper meaning?

Oracle said...

Thatz short and direct.
nice poem, nice blog.

I'll be back for more

poeticallytinted said...

sorry guyz for the late response. have been really ill. Much better now.

@standtall: yeah babes keep swimming!!!
@twayne: well... you see (scratching my chin) it's the philosophy that guides the intrinsic tapestry of human nature (lol)... just kidding. it's as simple as you think, it is about people who just live their lives on the fringes never daring to do anything for fear of failure... YOU my darling are definitely NOT one of those.
@Oracle: so glad you like. come back oh!

princesa said...

I sent you a couple of mails yet no response. You can email me if you want.
hope to see u at the beach on saturday, payment or not!

Standtall said...

Thanks dearie


"people who never venture"

Nice one.


poeticallytinted said...

@princessa: twas great gisting with you today.
@standtall: anytime get well soon
@solomonsydelle: thanks for dropping by. don't be a stranger. off to yours.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

"Water filled with secret tales
Flowing fast in waves of terror"-
Simple, Short, Sweet and BEAUTIFUL.

poeticallytinted said...

@NDQ: you know now, I'm just trying to be like you (wink)thanks for coming.

Free-flowing Florida said...

swim, even if ur lungs r screaming 4 rest, swim swim swim

howdy, dear?

poeticallytinted said...

Hey fff. I am good now. was in bad shape this past week ended up in the hospital for malaria. thanks for dropping by. u?

badderchic said...

glad you are okay.

Naapali said...

I like this.
Learned you were ill, pele, hope you are better now.

poeticallytinted said...

Awww. Too much love. Thanks guys.

Turumarth said...

Reasonably tight structure, a clear moral, simple imagery... it could almost be from a children's poetry book. For school, even, considering the not-so-well-camouflaged judgmental tone. I'm impressed, Fangface. Such versatility. :)

Seriously though, it is quite good from a technical perspective. I'm not loving it myself, but it is.

I much prefer your more pointedly self-involved/emotional pieces. They tend to show the ragged edges of you peeping out from behind the well-crafted lines. More 'authenticity' so to speak.

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