Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year = New Person????

It’s only normal and perhaps fashionable to profess noble sounding new year resolutions at this time of the year. When people ask me ‘what’s your new year resolution?’ and I reply “I have none” it becomes an opener to a very tiresome discussion (at least for me). In fact, I have been accused of arrogance - You know, going around thinking you are perfect and stuff and there’s nothing to change, you really think you are all that abi? In fact I could tell you a FEW things you need to change, you may want to start by changing your attitude you punk a** B****!!!!! (okay, maybe not that bad).

What is a New Year resolution really? It’s a commitment a person makes on the first day of a New Year towards changing a certain habit or lifestyle for the better. These commitments only last until achieved or fashied.

My take on New Year resolutions and new year eve’s religious services is this, you really don’t need to wait for the end of a year before you decide to change a bad habit or change your lifestyle to a more advantageous pattern. You need not wait a whole year for a certain day to resolve to become a better person.

I have found that people set near impossible targets to achieve without properly thinking them through on New Year ’s Eve. This creates a pattern, if you set targets without thinking it through you are more likely not to achieve your goals than if they had been properly planned with appropriate milestones in-between for measuring success. New Year resolutions fail because people wake up one morning and decide to make major personality changes just because it’s a New Year. Cold Turkey, maybe some New Year fairy will wave a magic wand which will cause me to stop smoking or drinking or driving too fast or lose weight or save money or get a good job… the list is endless.

But does it really work that way? What is most likely to happen is this, two or three weeks down the line the resolution crumbles and you are back to your old ways. The Ghost of New Year present withdraws all support and beats it to ghost land. The worst part is this, it’s difficult to get back on track because you are like ‘Oh shoot! There goes my New Year resolution, right down the drain. Now I have to wait till December 31st to make another one. In the meantime, I’ll just smoke a pack before then and damn the cancer…”

Hey, all hope is not lost you know. It’s just a paradigm shift you require. Truth is, you don’t need a special day to live better, to decide to become a better person. You’ve got 365 days in a year to do that. Any of those days works as well as the other. All you need is to think it through. You need to make these changes step by each tasking step and congratulate yourself at each milestone you achieve. That’s the way to go. Whenever is fine. It doesn’t have to be New Year’s eve.

So get up and make those changes today, tomorrow… whenever you need to.
Having said this… I’d love for this to be the last update I post from my desk at work. From now on I’ll manage my time better and blog only from home… (yeah, whatever!)
Have a great day y’all.


20 more steps:

Stani said...

what can i say? a toast to all our resolutions for the year! may we be able to achieve all we can! happy new year!

poeticallytinted said...

@Stani: Interesting, was at yours while you were at mine... hmmmm

Robyn said...

@stani no resolutions for me lol
@poeticallytinted these things of throwing us out,,ill reserve my comment ,,new person huh,,ok.Happy New Year.

Kafo said...

happy new year oo

L♥ve '09 * said...

I hope I'll be able to achieve mine!! great blog..

fluxlife said...

excellent post! nice way to break the fallacies that just about everybody falls for.

that's hilarious what you said at the end (hahaha)! my advice: "never work too hard, 'cause work is way overrated." keep on bloggin' wherever and whenever you need to. just don't get caught (lol)!

fallacies aside: Happy New Year!
have the best year ever!

-Steve @ fluxlife

Afrobabe said...

Happy new year babes...other than the plan to loose weight which i do each time I need a new boyfriend...

no new year resolutions....

they suck!!!

badderchic said...

happy nu ye sweets

And eeerm, My new year resolution is to keep being me? well thats good enuff. hee

poeticallytinted said...

@ Robyn: Happy new year jare! You know i Lurv you!

@Kafo: Happy new year sweetie
@Love '09: Welcome to blogville. I will hang around a bit... well maybe a li'l more than a lot... well... maybe till you call the cops on me for stalking you... (i like the way you express yourself)
@fluxlife: Happy new year: I've had your page open since yesterday. I think i expect too much from '09. will post a comment as soon as i articulate my thoughts
@Afrobabe: I see the year has started off with a bang! ( no pun intended). Happy new year sweets
@badder: Babe carry go. that's the best new year resolution ever!

StandTall-The Activist said...

About making those change, we have got to start now. Ready GF?


happy new year!

Afronuts said...

Happy Nu Year!

New year resolution? Why do i hate the sound of that sef? Maybe becuz I dint keep most of last years?

Afronuts said...

Happy Nu Year!

New year resolution? Why do i hate the sound of that sef? Maybe becuz I dint keep most of last years?

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Very well said.

K said...

I agree with you...resolutions what? why? and for whom are they really doing any good?

OluwaDee said...

"u don’t need to wait for the end of a year before you decide to change a bad habit. You need not wait a whole year for a certain day to resolve to become a better person."

I agree.

Happy new year dear.

Sting said...

Happy new year lady. I didn't make any resolutions this year and haven't for a long time.

MissLove said...

I agree with you! I have none! lol happy new yr

poeticallytinted said...

@ Standtall: Yes sweets, I am so on faya!
@Solomsydelle: happy new year!!!!! Lemme see your holiday tan... what?... it's there, under your black skin.

@Afronuts: I feel you jare.
@Poetry in the Global box: Thanks a lot! and thanks for dropping by
@K: just came from your page... lurving it.
@Oluwadee: happy new year sis, hope you enjoyed the blazes out of the hols.
@Sting: That's the spirit and Happy new year to you too.
@Miss love: hey, happy new year!

bumight said...

happy new year. I do mid year resolutions. they seem to work better for me!

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