Wednesday, January 7, 2009

White Cat Blues

Stiggy and I (well, at least my legs), just chilling...

I am almost ashamed to admit - I didn't write this, a friend of mine did. I love it!!!! It's just adequately sad and suits my mood perfectly right now and what's more is I actually own a crazy white cat!!!! But then, I digress...
You may not see it but to me, it is so poignant in its simplicity so profound in its elegance. Gives you the feeling that what's unsaid is weightier than what's been said and all this is done in a breezy and almost playful manner that fails to camouflage the pain within. I'll let you judge for yourselves now lol:


I can almost visualize
on the low grey recliner
by the tv on the floor
a framed photograph of me
holding you
holding that silly white cat

I can almost remember
in the middle of the room
with you spread across my back
lying there breathing deeply
stroking you
stroking a purring white cat

I spend hours sometimes days
reliving a future that
belongs now to someone else
loving you
loving the crazy white cat

37 more steps:

K said...

I spend hours sometimes days
reliving a future that
belongs now to someone else

my favourite

poeticallytinted said...

@K: Yes K, WOW!

doll said...

Thanx 4 stopping by

FFF said...

beautiful poem.know i don'tunderstand what she was talking about, still i love d mystery of's like 'i may b more than i sound 2 b'.lovely.

u get hips oh,my sista. u get am flenty flenty

Uzezi said...

the lines are tight alright. love the last line.

Stani said...

nice write, this. I can understand ur feeling poignant about it, at first read, you do not really get the vibe, but read it a couple more and it hits you, 'a future that
belongs now to someone else'. In that little quote above, lies everything, what could have been, what was, what went wrong, could it have been remedied, so many questions! thanks for sharing this!

Stani said...

nice write, this. I can understand ur feeling poignant about it, at first read, you do not really get the vibe, but read it a couple more and it hits you, 'a future that
belongs now to someone else'. In that little quote above, lies everything, what could have been, what was, what went wrong, could it have been remedied, so many questions! thanks for sharing this!

Kafo said...


for real

i am feeling things a billion percent, it was so real that i could actually visualize it all going down


Robyn said...

Love the poem,,just curious Wat was your favorite resolution for 2009.hehehe watever that mood is "no comment"

StandTall-The Activist said...

I really entered this poem yes I did. And it was as if someone I know wrote it to my Adorable.
Stiggy was there keeping you company all right. Next time I see him, I will show him pepper. The battle line is drawn (lo)

StandTall-The Activist said...

I typed one wonderful comment that got disappeared. All thanks to my internet bad connection

Okay, I said... what did I say?
This peom appeared to me as if someone I know wrote it for my Adorable. It was powerful though.

Stiggy and you in your bounding moment. Tell him when next we see na war. lol

poeticallytinted said...

@doll: you are very welcome. remember our date ;)
@FFF: Yeah come to think of it, maybe i should xplain my understanding of the poem a bit. the whole poem is about romance unattained but has been thought about so much by the poet that it has become almost real in his mind. all the scenes that were described in such graphic detail never did happen. This we can gather from the last line about reliving a future that belongs now to someone else.
you can read it again now, i am sure you'll appreciate it better. :)
@ Uzezi: we are so on the same page!
@Stani: You are a poet at heart and you sure do get this! I agree with you the essence of this poem is the sooooo many questions you want to ask and curiously the way you are content with the lack of answers. You must also be a romantic at heart, no?
@Kafo: I could go on gushing about this poem...
@Robyn: Glad you like. My resolution is to hound you for updates (LOL). Actually don't have any, don't think of resolutions...
@Standtall: Stiggy's ready for you. you know he loves me. I am a part of his territory. You should see him treat me like an object!

Enigma said...

So, what were we saying about those hips....;)

Now, more seriously - the composition is a cool back to the future piece...a true ode to someone who REALLY SCREWED UP!!!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I love poems that can take so many different meanings each time you read it
this is one of them
loved it

LG said...

hapinuye dear

Rita said...

I agree with you on your view with the poem, hope you're doing good.

Happy New Year

StandTall-The Activist said...

To tell you what. Mine treats me as if I am their pet that's when they need space to roll, spread and sleep o but when they want food, they treat me as if Iam thier slave (lol)

poeticallytinted said...

@Enigma: leave my hips alone oh! notice how i let it slide when FFF left the poem we were discussing and started discussing my hips! mcheew. As for the poem, maybe it wasn't the narrator's fault, maybe the circumstances were just not right. Sometimes, love is not enough.
@MDM: abi oh.
@LG: how you dey?
@Rita: I'm good dear better than I've been in a long while. thanks. :D
@standtall: I AM Stiggy's slave.

StandTall-The Activist said...


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