Saturday, April 18, 2009


look in my eyes
what do you see?
corneas and irises
or the intricate tales
of a journeyed soul?
hold my hand
what do you feel?
the calluses and corns
are stories untold
but can you feel the heartbeats
of everyone I’d held and lost?
watch me walk away
do you see swinging hips
or the cautious steps
of feet that know the rocky lane?
come, here, look again
tell me what do you think
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30 more steps:

poeticallytinted said...

(Doing a Temite) Firrstttt!

Seriously, just wanted to say thank you to all of you who were so obviously worried about me. I am ok. Taking my med like a good girl and not so worried because I know a lot more about the condition than I did on that first day. And if you can't see this it means you weren't going to leave a comment anyway. lol.

Fanny said...

How deep this poem is... Get well soon.

Mr. Writer said...


bumight said...

ok, im a bad blog friend. i read ur last post, and i thought i left a comment (i obviously didnt)
hope ur shoulder is better. it should be if u've been a good girl like u said!

if u put a picture up, i can tell u what i

Danny Bagucci said...

Naice!!!!! You've definitely got a way with words..... Cool stuff...

Kafo said...

i've read this twice

Anonymous said...

i likes!

Buttercup said...

loved it!

glad u r ok :)

StandTall-The Activist said...

Hands on laptop typing away, my lady is allright. I will visit to pick my wax

StandTall-The Activist said...

I was wondering how you cld claim first on your own post but now I know. We do love ya!

Turumarth said...

Good to see you're typing again...

Content-wise this one is great. I like the way the theme of hard journeys/experience is woven in. Doesn't have (and doesn't require) too much structure.

poeticallytinted said...

@Fanny: Thank you so much. and thanks for stopping by.
@Mr. Writer: you changed your name! I think I like Mr. Writer better. lol.
@bumight: My bumliscious sweetie, how can you talk like that na? No issues, knew you had your hands full na, with Kolawole and all. :)Picture? okay, i'll pretend to be thinking about it.
@DB: Hm! this from Shakespeare's descendant?
@Kafo: We try...
@Kmplx: Glad you do
@Burracupizle (lol): Keep putting up bits of yourself in your profile pic, one day I'll have enough parts to make a whole, nice "Jolieish" lips.
@Standy: Your hair is looking sexy!
@Turumarth: they can't hold me down. They've got to remove me to stop me! Ah! You like the content. you actually used the word 'great". Will be walking on the clouds all day. :)

mike said...

i think you are very wonderful poet. this loneliness is deep. However, I believe loneliness is dangerous and it can make one loose focus

Robyn said...

suddenly i cnt write a poem.
and then you come up with such.
Wifey that aint fair....
lovely piece ill look for a title.

Enigma said...

Your essence is so true and so deep that people cannot help but be attracted to you, on so many different levels. Some in a good way, some not so good. You shine as a radiant light without even realising your beauty and your worth; you can never be alone when you have so many that strive to know you, do not fully understand your breadth and depth - but love you all the same.

Those you let remain, those you let you all the same - for you are you and no other; a precious one; one of few, one in a billion. You can never be truly alone except you want to be. Being absolutely alone cannot be in the nature of one so special as you.

Today's ranting said...

hmmmmm very deep words.I loved it.

seye said...

come, here, look again
tell me what do you think....

I think this is beautiful. TRULY!...and deep!

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. Been wondering!

Freddie said...

Got curious... better go have my left shoulder checked too cos it smacks of similar traits. Nice to know u're back and dishing it hotter than ever. Spendid piece of poetry.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Great piece. Love the imagery you used. You paint a beautiful picture. I especially like this:
"do you see swinging hips
or the cautious steps
of feet that know the rocky lane?"

How've you been? So sorry i've been horrible with blog rounds is kicking my butt!

poeticallytinted said...

@Mike: Where have you been? thanks for stopping by
@Robyn: Oh my darling, here, kiss me, so i can transfer the muse :*
@enigma: wow, thanks enigma.
@Today's ranting: 'sup babe? thanks for stopping by. read that glorious poem at yours but couldn't comment cos my internet connexion was acting funny. will put up my comment soon.
@Seye: No, where have YOU been? lol
@Freddie:thanks Freddo, ah! go oh. but am sure it's nothing serious.
@NDQ: Am sure YOu are kicking school's butt!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Thanks dear mi

Enkay said...

Have I mentioned this before? I really think you should do a book compiling all your lovely and deep poems.

You convey so much with such few words!

I though your poem was really nice.

Trust you're getting better?

Stanis said...

hmm! nice write here! happy u r able 2 write again!

Rita said...

I dont know how you do it with words...the imagery yet the touching reality...lovely one...

Rose said...

This is beautiful...

blazing said...

so so good to see that you are kicking Athri-bull- tis butt,just like i & most others predicted. Learnt stiggy be a Big Caty now!


I like this. The first impression should always be reconsidered. When we look a little deeper, we see so much more.

Hope you are well, dear.

Buttercup said...!

hehe i shud put up a pic of my midriff

thanks *blushing*

hope u r good??

Enkay said...

Hey! Just checking on you.
Been quite a while!

deola said...

simple yet deep.

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