Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Some of you may have noticed my protracted silence. Some of you may not have noticed. If you hadn't noticed - :P on you! But that's not the point to this post.

I couldn't type so I couldn't post an update. Honestly. I've had this mysterious pain in my right shoulder for ages now. It creeps up on me and stays for a few days and then dissappears. I thought it was because I'd dislocated my shoulder sometime in the past. Newayz, I finally got a diagnosis - ARTHRITIS!

How the heck do you have arthritis at 28?! Yeah, I know all about juvenile arthritis. This is clearly not juvenile so what is it? If you are in doubt kindly check out my ass and tits.

Okay like this is not bad enough, it decides to attack my right shoulder! What's wrong with my left shoulder? Isn't it as ripe and ready as the right. I guess not. Perhaps if I were left handed then it would have gone there. So I've no clue what this means for my future or whatever. All I know is I am in pain and it seems I will be for the rest of my life!

So frustrated. Okay I'll google the condition now and stop freaking out.

Sorry guyz. I just hate this.

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Robyn said...


Robyn said...

with me
your absence is always highly noticed.

O'Dee said...

Sorry love, my hubby has the same condition in his lower back & knee. Its not fun at all.

hopefully you'll get a way to ease the pain.

CultureCynic said...

o am really sorry about yoour shoulder and dignosis...hope you doctor can get it sorted so u aren't in too much discomfort and pain. please we dont need ur shoulder hurting, wldnt want to jeopardize ur typing skillz...cuz its tew mad!!! hope u find some relief soon....kisses


Enigma said...

Okay, so you have started learning how to work with your left arm abi....sorry about the pain though...I am sure its a treatable condition.

Kafo said...

take it easy ooooo

Buttercup said... sorry..i hope u get well soon..

my knees have been hurting, now im scared to go and get diagnosed!

bArOquE said...

some time last year, i woke up in the middle of the night with this pain in my right shoulder, i dont know if it was muscular but it was bad, i could no longer lie on my right side. it was so painful i had to carry the hand with the other to turn over and balance it on a pillow so it wont move as i tried to sleep...if i was a woman i would have cried...the ambulance had to come get me that morning, a doctor had come earlier, i was given some anti-inflammatory drugs & injected with strong pain killers...the pain kept rising & falling, until it went away over a week later...nevermind sweetie, we have checked your ass & tits, you'll be fine, dont fret

blogoratti said...

Hope you get better with time...sorry and do hang in there!

StandTall-The Activist said...

I am a bad friend o. How come have not come to find out how your appointment with the doc went? Forgive me. I will call you soon.

Is it better now?

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I noticed also

Afronuts said...

Whaaat? You have athritis? At this tender age?

This cute sweet, adorable, loving, sexy tender age? poor darling...

I reject it in ur life in Jesus name!

Anonymous said...


poeticallytinted said...

@ Robyn: Awwwwwww sweetie
@O'dee: F'real? Please give me more info abeg. what does he do for the pain. The dr. says i should exercise more often, is that good advise?
@ culturecynic: lol. thanks dear
@ enigma: I refuse to unlearn something I consciously learnt when i was like 12!
@ Kafo: thanks
@ Buttercup: Well, I actually felt better when i got diagnosed because I was really freaking out wondering what the pain was about.At least now I know. Though am sure it won't be nothing like this in your case.
@BAroque: you see, love your optimism. hopes it works out that way for me. Thanks for acknowledging the existence of my ass-ets
@blogoratti: Thanks for stopping by dear
@standtall: u r not serious. so what's up with this weekend sef? will give you a shout.
@TBMTS:lol. I knew there were people out there who love me!
@Afro: LOL. God pass dem jare! lol.
@kmplx: Dalu wannem.

Jaycee said...

So sorry bout that. Be healed! :)

My World said...

Oh oh,hope your much better now?
Be easy on yourself..

MissLove said...

wow!!! does it have a cure??? Hope you gat better sowee xx

Original Mgbeke said...

That really sucks o, at 28 ke?
Sorry to hear that tho, I hope it gets better.

kay-shawn said...

At this moment I wish i had studied medicine so that I could dish out some free medical advice. Sorry is all I could say for now. At least you now know what the problem is. Now you can concentrate on finding the solution.

blazing said...

Emmm,i wont want to go all sympathetic on you cus i knw you can handle it, and who says you wount wake up ing fone bright morning and SAYONARA athripain.keep your head up and dont you dare stop having fun.A pat for stiggy

Stanis said...

hey! take it easy, sis! hope u find a way to ease the pain, i would not want to miss ur writes! btw, hope u also have a happy easter!

Enkay said...

So sorry dear! My aunt had it and it was so bad! But then she got well!
I don't know what they gave her but it worked.

I pray that yours goes away and soon too.


you poor thing. I'm so sorry.

Children are diagnosed with various forms of arthritis from what I heard from someone once.

You can definitely manage the problem and I wish you the absolute best of luck!

Buttercup said...

feeling better???

Woomie O! said...

Awww! Sorry my darling!!
It comes and goes. If you manage it properly if won't come as often as it goes. I don't think it has anything to do with your age, I was diagnosed with arthritis at my legs. I understand how you get it in the legs from excessive walking but what do you have to do to get it in your hands and shoulders???
Use loads of painkillers and find out which one suits you, you'll be okay.

Rita said...

How are you doing?

Tairebabs said...

OMG!! So sorry. This post kindoff made me want me to go and get tested 'cos sometimes I do have a serious pain in my shoulder. I pray you get better.

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