Thursday, August 7, 2008

In my head

Overpowering thoughts of you
Grazing the corners of my mind
Nearly-there images
Tormenting the threshold of my sanity
Obliquely evading recognition
Yet ever present: never waning
Intense in its fleetingness
Avoiding any grasp of meaning
I suffer in silence
Unable to share incomprehensible thoughts
Though severe they truly are
They do confound me I dare say
For I only met you that one time

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kay-shawn said...

So who exactly are we talking about here?

Saw your coment on my blog and thought I should come and pay my respects.

I would say your commnet is the longest I've ever had on my blog.

It really feels good to see a long comment on one's blog. That gives you the assurance that the commentator did not come just to 'mark register'. It shows that the person actually read the post digested it and took their time to write a long comment.

Thank you.

Adorable said...

Thanks for coming. Don't be a stranger.
lol, silly. No one. Just a poem. My poems are inspired by experiences, present and past. emphasis on past oh! My man fit read this post and na so I go enter wahala. yeye person. :D

TWayne said...

Interesting... if only you knew how many of us can actually identify with this scenario...

Meanwhile, question! This your poetry... can I give you a topic and you write a poem about it? :-)

I'm serious o...

Adorable said...

err dunno, I could try but I only write when I am inspired. Your topic might inspire me. But like I said to someone recently - If i don't feel it, I can't write it.

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