Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sugar and Spice and all things sweet...

Some people say I write dark poems better, so I am trying my hands at sugary sweet... what do you think?

Why I cry

I love the love you make me see
A love I love with all of me
Like clouds of blue beneath a bird
I soar above my years of dread

These tears you see are not of pain
But are of joy, look what I’ve gained

Each time our fingers come entwined
I feel I hold your heart in mine
I read the words inside your eyes
And know we’ll never say goodbye

These tears you see are not of pain
But my love, you are such sweet gain

I came to you with so much fear
You hushed them with kisses so dear
Calm like I never felt before
Making me love you more and more

These tears, my love, are not of pain
I sure would know, look what I’ve gained

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Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I defnitely know i will be singing this line

"these tears are not tears of pain"

when I eventually meet 'the one' coz Lord knows its been such a bumpy steep and treacherous path for me this road called love.

Robyn said...

WOW atlast am a firstie here,,ill tell you though i have a familiar poem we will talk i love it.You write with indepth and soul.How are you?

tommeh said...

cool! Keep it up

Wole said...

This is really nice. You know what I mean...

Naapali said...

I admire your trying out a different hue to your poetically tinted voice.

poeticallytinted said...

@MDM: I know exactly what you mean... But 'THE one'is somewhere out there, I assure you.
@Robyn: like I always say... you are first in my head.
@tommeh: looks like it's your first time here... thanks for showing
@Wole: err... i think i know what you mean :)
@Naaps: where is the 'but'? lol

Jaycee said...

"These tears, my love, are not of pain."

I like!

Standtall said...

Lovely mi-lady

Kafo said...

please write what u feel if it is dark so what its what u feel

i love this


"I came to you with so much fear
You hushed them with kisses so dear
Calm like I never felt before
Making me love you more and more"

nice, very nice

Robyn said...


Emeka Amakeze said...

Poetic thoughts are not to be dictated. They flow from the fill of the soul and i think you should swim with the tide of your soul stream. I love your poems

Turumarth said...


"I love the love you make me see
A love I love with all of me"?!?

My God, Fangface, you'll be the death of me yet. This is so sugary it's sickly. :P (that's the emoticon for losing my dinner) Even the structure is so regular you could sell it to Swiss watchmakers. If this is what love has done to you I don't want none of it!

Here, let me try. (You can stick this on the end and regain your standing as a bona fide wet blanket; no charge.)

But in the end, as endings come
A car door slammed, exit therefrom
Of you, and all the joy you brought
Of light, of love and smiling thoughts

Now fall the tears you will not see
Of pain, and rage, and misery

Robyn said...

must i say this again,,NOW AM SCREAMING "POST POST POST"

doug said...

Simple and elegant. Most poetry is pretty much mysterious to me. I liked this one. Great blog!

Solomon King said...


Beautiful stuff. I think I'm a fan of the dark poems. Somehow they resonate. Almost like a beauty in the broken.

Will definitely be back for more.


LG said...

swerri' happy new month'

fluxlife said...

i used to write a lot of poetry, and find your latest poem to be very good. especially for your first try in a different genre.

good job! both writing what naturally comes and stretching to alternative styles can be a great process! keep it up! i applaud and commend you!

i was definitely moved by your poem, and that is one of the most important points of art: to evoke emotion in the reader/viewer.

Rita said...

This is beautiful...and romantic...gosh I feel like shedding a tear of joy

Afrobabe said...

Lovely...sweet...makes u wanna fall in love...

poeticallytinted said...

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments. Sorry I've been awol. love y'all. Update tomorrow. I PROMISE!!!!

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