Friday, March 6, 2009

Could you?

Could you love me? Would you?

The idiosyncratic inexplicable things I do and want to do and will do. The obsessive compulsiveness that wakes me at midnight to ensure no little green men stole you away. The way I have to sleep close to the wall for fear of falling over, rolling myself up in the duvet and rolling under the bed where I would promptly suffocate and die.

Would you know when to listen without proffering brilliant advice? Would you know when one word would be talkative? Would you support my hair brained schemes? Would you trust me and respect me? Would you listen even if you don’t have a clue what I am talking about? Would you patiently explain your job to me and not assume I’ll never get it? Would you understand my passion for my career, and my future, as well as, my insane need to make a difference in people’s lives, to share my experiences, my time, my money, my heart with people other than you? Yeah, that’s me, Voltroness: Defender of the Universe.

Can you keep up with the moods from sunny to rainy and the drizzling in between? Do you understand my fear of childbirth? The fear that babies are brand new people who can be ruined by me and I want none of that? Would you understand when I need to go away to a quiet place without you for one week? Would you feel left out and unwanted no matter how many times I assure you it’s not that way? How about my bookworm moments, my total absorbance into books? Can you live with that?

Can you live with my half-finished bottles of coke, my midnight cleaning frenzies, my unfinished sentences, my forgetting to kiss you at the door like normal couples are supposed to, my calling you, asking a question and abruptly cutting off when I get an answer with no ‘I love yous’ at the end? Can you deal with my panic that you’ll probably die of a headache, the way you cure my insomnia just by lying next to me? The fact that I need you though I may not remember to say it in those words often?

Would you be there when I have an asthma attack, a UTI, psoriasis, migraines, on and off bouts of malaria and all the little ailments that assail me every now and again.
Would you be careful and handle my heart with care, knowing it’s easy to break my heart but impossible to break my spirit?

Could you love me? Would you…?

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Enigma said...

Wow, wow, and double wow! This is so beautiful and sincere, truly felt, well written...

Enigma said...

I was first! Yipeee!! Never been first at anything non academic....

poeticallytinted said...

Sharrap Enigma! THIS is academic! University of Life!

Enigma said...

Poetically - why the violence? One love sista!

Well....I actually won a sack race once....when I was 7....

Robyn said...

would i love you?
well to be in err is only human
it would be a lie to just say yes but
id look you in the eyes kiss you n say
"ill try".
Love the Honesty.

Robyn said...

would i love you?
well to be in err is only human
it would be a lie to just say yes but
id look you in the eye
kiss you n say
"ill try".
Love the Honesty.

Rita said...

These are the many questions we ask (in our heart) and hope the answer is yes. We watch and measure how well he is doing to our questions...And even if he says yes now, will it be yes in 10 years time? I am still wondering.

This is very beautiful and touching. I like it.

Lindah said...

This post remind's me of 50 Cents' 21 questions. Hmm...unanswered questions from the heart.


These are serious and frank questions that you are asking. Nice. The "UTI" mention also gave it a nice touch, lol!

Hope all is well.

And Enigma carried 'first'? wow, haven't seen Enigma in a while.

"Hi, Enigma" *looks up and waves*


Uzezi said...

some serious questions o

Kafo said...

like solomonsydelle the UTI thing had mii

have a blessed weekend

Olufunke said...

This is nice, very touching too.
I can relate to your 'could you'
So many questions...and not sure even if he says yes...can he? even if he could, would he?
Beautifully written, very serious questions, reflects the everyday realities of life.
I am wondering too.

Anonymous said...

what's your star sign?

seye said...

Good to see your blog too...not heard of yours. I'd add you to my blogroll...I should be coming up with another post later this *wink... keep in touch

seye said...

okay let me do a lil som'n now that i have read your post.

Would you love me
knowing that the man made of steel
is also the boy from a woman?

Would you love me
knowing that even though I jewel your world,
I am equally in need of touch

a touch only available
by the female species
a touch that leaves
the toughest man numb

Would you love me
knowing that i know your flaws
I have mine too no matter how hidden

Would you love me tenderly
While I hold you, fragile stem,

Would you love me
Now that I love you

Danny B said...

Touching piece.....

Anonymous said...

Will you love me when you see my fault displayed like an eternal wound. Will you love me when you finally see that doubt is what I know. Will you love me when I weep for the children dying. will you love me when I want a week away from our children and yourself. Will you love me when I snap at you about your habits. Will you love me when I forget to do my hair. Will you love me when I have to leave our home for a year to teach governance in Dakar. Will you love me...I hope you are willing to try.

seye said...

Will you love me
When in nights raging
to lay my back
you call for attention

Will you love me
when the crises crunch
my pockets stiff
and what you want
is a ship cruise in Italy

Will you love me
despite my recurring mistakes
for Baby, I err ...just like you

Will you love me
In the teeth that decorated
my mouth's entrance
is just a memory of ivory of some sort

Will you love me
When its only your maiden name
I remember and not your father's
For that name will resound
in my heart, reminiscing about the nights
I threw pebbles at your window,
sneaking us out for just a kiss

Will you love me
Even if I were to leave
earth first

Funms-the rebirth said...

every woman wonders about these things too...... i wonder too, but i guess its never a straight YES.... like Robyn wrote, they always try....... this is a great post

Funms-the rebirth said...

btw enigma., where ve u been?

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I always love your posts
we are all searching for that special someone who can say
yes I could
to all those things you listed

poeticallytinted said...

@Robyn: yes, trying is good enough for me. All i need to know is that you'll try.
@Rita: isn't that the sole cause of the pre-wedding jitters phenomenon
@Lindah: yes unanswered, but I actually think we should go ahead and ask them sometimes.
@Ah SSD!: don't try that UTI of a thing! That stuff is not funny!Enuff to send a dude packing. lol
@Uzezi: Thanks Lepa shandy. did i ever tell you i know who you are. (mischievous grin)
@Kafo: thanks sweets
@Olufunke: yes that's the hard part, i think robyn got the answer sha. all we need to know is that he'll actually try. There's no Mr. Perfect, there's only someone who loves you enough to try.
@Kmplx: Libra. you write such lovely poetry.
@SEYË: wow, I'll try. Honored to have inspired this. i am going to pull it out and post it and link it to you.
@Temite: and you too temite. nicely written. I'll love you even if you went to the moon.
@MDM: thanks love.

seye said...

And now its me to say I AM SO HONORED!

O'Dee said...

Wish I could answer I will to all the questions in this post.
Hopefully you'll find someone who will.

Will consider getting the mtn 3g.

Original Mgbeke said...

Well I do know that I love this piece, if not you. Hehehehe...
Seriously though, I have to write mine up in my journal. This is good stuff!

Anonymous said...

...of course, i would, i can and i already do.

Enigma said...

Okay, this is getting weird....I never knew I was noticed, not to talk of being missed. As far as I am aware, I have been right here.

Once again, beautiful post. I am 100% sure that there is a guy out there who can answer "Yes" - categorically, definitely, and assuredly...we just have to start up the engines and produce him.... ;)

poeticallytinted said...

@enigma: i think there used to be an enigma' before you. apparently he stopped blogging. i guess that's where the mixup is from. Ányway, i am glad there's at least one enigma reading this page. and thanks for the sweet comments. Been revving my enging for sometime now. ;)

doug said...

"Everywhere I go, I find a poet has been there before me"

Really lovely poem. I wonder if I could.

Turumarth said...

Aww, Fangface. Now you're doing great prose as well? Shame on you, bringing tears to my eyes, shame!

To answer your question: Well... now that you put it THAT way... ;)

Woomie O! said...

As ususal, I'm last.

Would you love me even when you aren't spared by my anomie???
When you know that if i say 'i love you' it's just cuz of my state of mind?
Would you love me if anything changes?
If everything changes???

PTinted, what you search for is a miracle.
...a prayer...

Bibi said...

awww. this is very deep and touching. first timer but i'll be back

mike said...

These are rhetorical questions that probe the existence of womanhood. Our present women live in a world of career satisfaction and emotional satisfaction. As such there is this insatiable mindset placed in mind's rushing thoughts. One may conclude that its a world of "to be or not to be". Nice piece of work. will be here again

Olamild said...

that was a beautiful work of art said...

ah fallin in love...nice and everything in between, but reaching that point that you discribe is true joy. The fallin part doesnt compare to joy. Nice

Jaycee said...


Stanis said...

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I think you deserve this truly, poeticallytinted. Enjoy!

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