Sunday, March 15, 2009

Explaining the silence

Apologies everyone. Thought it would be rude to keep remaining silent. I am actually just recovering from some blasted illness. I am okay now though a bit weak. But at some point, the fever was so high I started hallucinating. The subject of my hallucination was... wait for it... frogs?! How utterly dissappointing, why couldn't I hallucinate about being a princess in some far away but delicious fairy tale with an absolutely charming Prince in tow? Or of being obscenely rich, you know, the kind of rich that makes Warren Buffet's money look like monopoly money? WHY FROGS?

Update tomorrow y'all. I promise. Hugs.

10 more steps:

Danny Bagucci said...

LOL @ hallicunating about frogs -- maybe it was the prince who the icked witch had turned into a frog. U could have tried kissing him/it to see if the prince would reappear.... Stay well aight?

bumight said...

maybe the reason u were hallucinating about frogs....frogs! when u kiss them they turn into princes!!!

hope u're feeling better.

Kafo said...

feel better

okay that is wierd

Anonymous said...

Oh Darling. Hope you feel much better! didnt you know that frogs turn into Princes. You are closer to your dreams....

Stanis said...

frogs and princes go together, so there should be a prince not far behind! hope u get better soon! come and check out ur award at my blog! cheers!

FFF said...

sorry dear. hope u r hale & hearty now. na wa o for hallucinating about frogs!

Enigma said...

Stop. Open Bottle. Pop Pill (anti-psychotic). Swallow. Repeat....

poeticallytinted said...

@Danny: You know, that's really a silver lining, maybe i should go back to the hallucination...
@bumight: You should have seen these frogs, they looked quite... how do you say...? froggy
@Kafo: I thot so too. they were all over the place. wats wrong with me?
@Temite: Thanks love. This was no dream!
@Stanis: Okay the next frog i see, I'll kiss him okay?
@FFF: long time babes. wassup
@Enigma: I think i must've missed the morning dose. lol

Enkay said...

Glad to have you back. Thank God you're a lot better now.

As for those there a pond anywhere near your place? lol!

Turumarth said...

RE: Frogs

A. To achieve Princess Fantasy:

1. Catch frog
2. Kiss frog
3. Step back, close eyes, wait for blinding flash, loud bang and/or swirling mist
4. Catch resulting prince (often surprisingly harder than step 1)
5. Marry prince (you may use all means/methods at your disposal)
6. You are now a princess.

NOTE: Achieving this fantasy has been known to disappoint e.g. Diana

B. To achieve Obscene Wealth Fantasy, 1st Scenario:

1. Catch frogs (note plural)
2. Chop off legs (of frogs, NOT self)
3. Freeze legs (again, of frogs, NOT of self)
4. Package suitably and sell to over-priced French/Chinese restaurant(s)
5. Hallucinate more frogs and repeat from step 1
6. You are now rich (hopefully, and the 'obscenely' part comes from the source of this wealth)

NOTE: You may need to perform the steps from 1-6 very often and for very long.

B. To achieve Obscene Wealth Fantasy, 2nd Scenario:

1. Hallucinate ONLY hallucinogenic frogs (or toads depending on location and/or personal preference)
2. Catch hallucinogenic frogs (or toads)
3. Excite frogs (or toads) to produce hallucinogen (how you excite them is entirely up to you)
4. Collect hallucinogen
5. Package suitably and sell to dealers/junkies
6. Hallucinate more frogs and repeat from step 1
7. You are now rich (hopefully, and the 'obscenely' part comes from the source of this wealth)

NOTE: This method is highly illegal. In the event that you try this and fall foul of the law you hereby undertake to indemnify us against all legal action, though we will appreciate a small donation if you're successful with this or any other fantasy. We take PayPal)

***This has been a Public Service Announcement of the Fantasy Fulfillment Foundation (apologies to the other FFF who appears here often)***

PS: Hope you're all better now, Fangface :)

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