Monday, March 2, 2009

Momma's hair *warning: Long and Dark poem*

He still smells rose flowers
Her long chestnut hair after a shower
Brushing against his baby smooth cheek
"Sleep little one", and as she speaks
He holds onto her robe
Refusing to let go
"Let go honey,
I'll be here in the morning"
Then one day she wasn't
He knew not to cry, he mustn't

It all started with the hair
She never left her head bare
But he knew they finally got her
And Papa said it was the cancer
Bad bad cancer taking her hair away
But he lied, that was not the only way

There were all those women
Wearing mom's hair like it belonged to them
What he would give to see her smile
To keep her around just for a while

He knew he had a duty
So he walked behind the cutie
She never saw the knife
That later took her life

At her screaming - so shrill
He felt a little thrill
Spread slowly from his head to his toe
In his heart it was easy to know
That soon he'd have sweet mom back
And a smile slit his face a little crack

Shhh... young lady
This is nothing shady
It's just a simple operation
Just to make a little seperation

He rocked back and forth
As he went to work
The gleaming blade glinting in the light
Not caring if he cut neatly or right
Eating into scalp and hair
As the smell of death filled the air


Okay, on a lighter note: how many of you have been here? Please hurry off to:

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Rita said...

Sounds like you will write great mystery stories....

Enigma said...

Okay, Okay, I am scared...that chap reminds me a little of Norman Bates...damn....

Anonymous said...

HMMMMMMMMMM I Love this. Wish I had written it. Dark and yet compassionate. Its funny but that is how they some of them start. with a singular obsession with their childhood.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Loved the poem
you brought out then humane side of the killer though
guess deep inside he was still a little boy just longing for his mama

Robyn said...

poem is great
loved every bit
quite intense
this reminds me of

tobenna said...

I'm waiting for the topless picture post a la Male bloggers on NaijaBloggersAwards!

Kafo said...

yeah this IS dark
have a nice day

Danny B said...

Masterfully written...... Quite a bit scary tho... Wonder how many of our childhood hurts we still have not worked out of our system.....

Afrobabe said...

Darn...sounds like a James Patterson novel....The begining...

Enkay said...

Hmmm, a really disturbed man. In his heart, he has a good reason to take that life - he was doing it for his momma.

poeticallytinted said...

@Rita: I'm not too sure, i don't dare prose, i suck at it. lol
@enigma: Norman Bates abi, lol, i like Hannibal Lecter better, he wasn't just homicidal he was also cannibalistic.
@Temite: welcome to my world (evil laughter)
@MDM: thanks. yeah i was trying to show the vulnerability of unhealthy minds
@Robyn: thanks sweerie, yeah this was borne out of a mini-research I'd carried out on the emotional profiles of serial killers
@Sorry just dusting with glitters to give the picture some character
@kafo: thanks for coming oh. didn't mean to scare you :)
@Danny B: Thank you thank you thank you. You'd be shocked at the deep reasons behind the axns we take. There's a crazy Freudian explanation for our every axn...
@Afrobabe: I feel you
@Enkay: disturbed but human. Just all twisted inside.

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

Blogville's own Agatha Christie...

StandTall-The Activist said...


Stanis said...

seriously, this is really creepy! and I love it!

Freddie said...

Great concept and presentation... The rhymes were superb too; I must mention. I totally got into the flow.... Just thought you should know. Great Poem... Sad End.
PS: Thanks for the naijabloggerawards '09 link too... that is so creative, been looking for some naija blogger communities to join... got any suggestion?

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