Wednesday, March 25, 2009


In command of my existence
Determination my subsistence
Days gone by are history
Tomorrow’s shrouded in mystery
Unafraid boundlessly
Embracing life relentlessly
Weaving yarns of lessons learnt
Into the tapestry of time’s art
As sure as each day births the next
Realities deliver hurdles and tests
The choices are to buck or fly
To give one more step a try

Introducing you to some fantastic new and semi-new bloggers! Trust me they'll be worth every bit of your time. Please applaud as I enjoy the honor of introducing:

Culturecynic: I am definitely sure some of you have discovered this refreshing blog but if you haven't drop by and chill out.

Turumarth: He is my friend, a kindred spirit, I have always hoped he'll share his incredible mind with the rest of us and now he has. Need I say more. For scintillating poetry and demented bipolar rants this is the place to be.

Freddie: New blogger, flows like a mutha'. Seriously guyz, I think he's got something on his chest he just has to offload.

More great blogs on blogsville.

22 more steps:

O'Dee said...

"To give one more step a try"

we have to keep trying.

JustDB said...

Weaving yarns of lessons learnt
Into the tapestry of time’s art

Hopefully, we'll learn the lessons and improve by them.. Nice one...

Anonymous said...

DAMN I love this one Le Poet.
Well yesterday I wrote a poem and unfortunately my stinking computer crashed. My poor poor poor lovely poem. But now I know I shall try again.

Kafo said...

i feel this one

give step one more try
that line is loaded

Robyn said...

hey you,,
one mroe step indeed.
miss you.

Stanis said...

lovely rhymes!

Steve Morozumi said...

beautiful poem! i love your poetry! keep it comin'!

i'll be sure to check out these new to me bloggers!

thanks again for sharing!

have a week of awesome!

-Steve @ fluxlife

Buttercup said...

Wow..u r so damn talented! I loved how u made it rhyme sensibly..

I'll be sure to check the blogs out.

How r ya??

CultureCynic said...

darling.....awwwwwwww cheers for the shoutout...i feel rather speshal!!!heheh

Turumarth said...

"For scintillating poetry and demented bipolar rants this is the place to be."

I'm flattered... I think. :)

PS: wait till these people actually check out my page, Fangface... Hear that whoosh? There goes your reputation for having good taste.

Turumarth said...

Now, about poem: Rhyming couplets!!! One more and you'd have hit the required length for a classic sonnet. This dates back to before Shakespeare. Ha ha, you're becoming establishment, girl.

OK, seriously... it's great. Recognizable and relevant structure, effective rhyme without becoming slavish, a rather powerful message which is not damaged by not being a new thought (the greatest poems are all about universal subjects)... all in all, great. Only one thing I'd have preferred otherwise but that's just me; doesn't take anything away.

Fave line:

Determination my subsistence

Freddie said...

Dropping in to show my profound appreciation for the intro... Nice to know Nigerians are into poetry and stuff. Your poems just set me adrift everytime I read em. Keep em coming girl... I am sooooo inspired!!! Thanks for the tips at my site too, you just got tagged.

doug said...

Ok...that drowned me for a bit. Wow. Can't take it apart like Turumarth, but that was some really good stuff. Inspiring.

Freddie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Knew there was something about this poem that I could relate to and really got me pondering... Derailed... from my Dec.2008 collection. Thanks for a beautiful piece.

StandTall-The Activist said...

nice poem. lemme check out the new blogs. btw r u coming today like you promised?

poeticallytinted said...

O'dee: I knew i would make a convert of you someday! :)
@DB: My goal in life dearie.
@ Temite: Just read your poem Temite Awesome. I know how you feel about your lost poem, i never seem to be able to reproduce any poem. I don't understand it.
@ Kafo: thanks for dropping by. It came from somewhere deep.
@Robyn:Miss you too sweetie, wats up?
@ Stanis: trying my hands on structured poetry.
@Buttercup: You are so kind!
@Culturecynic: anytime babes
@turumarth: Thanks I knew I was in danger of doing a sonnet so i stopped one couplet short. Didn't want some damn retard to be comparing my unintelligent scribbling to any Shakespeare! :P
@Fred: you are welcome. I meant every word. I read your poem. I get the connexion, nice! you are talented.
@Doug: Trust me, I value these few words of yours! It makes it all worth it.
@Standy: Drat! I missed you again!

Rita said...

I need to sit down under you for lessons in do have a way with words...

Guess what, I was driving one day on third mainland bridge and I thought of one of your post (the one where the security guard ripped you of some cash) and I was wondering how you manage the drive day in day out.

How have you been? Take care and have a beautiful day.

Olufunke said...

I like this

"Days gone by are history
Tomorrow’s shrouded in mystery
Unafraid boundlessly
Embracing life relentlessly
Weaving yarns of lessons learnt
Into the tapestry of time’s art"

Would check out the new bloggers.

Vera Ezimora said...

Here's to giving one more step a try. That's all one can do really. Keep trying...even when you tire. Just keep trying. Ahhh. May God order my footsteps to try the right things @ the right time and for the right reasons. AMEN

kay-shawn said...

Nice one giving those new bloggers publicity. Would def check them out.

LUMIDEE said...

I love beautifully crafted...

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