Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The mahogany trees of my heart

Have been felled

And the birds

Taken to flight

The seams of my being

Have been undone

I am not the same person

I used to be

It is a blind spot

What my eyes used to see

There are no more tears

My rivers refuse to flow

No more dreams

Not even in black and white

I poke at the ashes

Searching for a glow

I dig up the shrub-less soil

And there are no corpses to bury

No cold and soothing hugs

From the withered arms

No kisses

From the lips of the dead

There is nothing to live for

No passion to die for

My vacant eyes stare

Unoccupied for nobody lives here

I stare at yards and yards

Of empty space

Years and years

Of nothingness

Yes I can see the future

Not for me the fortune teller’s lies

My heart is not in it anymore

My heart is not in

My heart is just not

And I don’t know what to do

And I don’t know if to do

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TWayne said...

You have no idea how deep this is. It is so simple,, yet multi-faceted in its meaning.... at least to me... lest I try unsuccessfully to decipher what goes on in your strange mind.

Nicely written... Keep them coming puh-lease!

Adorable said...

Will surely do. Thanks. mwah. and thanks for the valuable advice yesterday.

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

wow! i love the simplicity of this.

great write up.

Adorable said...

Thanks for the comment. An honour from one talented as you. Drop by every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Remember what I said when I first read this? I'll quote (with maybe a little editing for propriety's sake).

"If you ever decide to quit your present job, you’d make a great living as a wet blanket :)

Ahhh… see, you lied! There’s absolutely NO explanation here. One reads the thing with a mounting sense of anticipation… what in God’s name happened to this person? Why the gloom? All is despair, doom, desolation and apparently it’s going to stretch forever. All we’re given is a slight hint (3rd stanza) that the death of a loved one might be involved (from old age, or illness? it could be either). It’s shameful, callous, patently unfair treatment of the prospective reader… I LOVE IT!!!


Seriously though, like the other guys noted it's simple but could lend itself to various interpretations. I think the best thing about it is the way it effortlessly pulls you into the 'mood' (sadness, despondence, despair...)

Good stuff, girl (but hey, that don't count coming from me because we both know I'm biased).

Adorable said...

Yes you are biased but you are also my most candid critic! I recall telling you this. It's funny how the ones I love are the ones you don't and the ones I am almost ashamed to publish are the ones you love. It's also funny (NOT HA HA)how everyone tends to agree with you. lol.
Goes to show I've got questionable taste in my own poetry. :)

Big hug. For this and for what you are going thru right now.

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